Competitors hide their pricing and the majority don't publish their prices online. What are they hiding?

Ready Set Go Delivery & Courier Service Inc. is committed to transparency allowing our customers to make informed decisions without surprises.  RSG lists all prices online for true transparency, we're that confident. RSG will never charge any hidden fees i.e. fuel surcharge, carbon surcharge or levies.


READY SET GO has over 20 years of experience in the delivery & courier service, transportation industry. Our experience encompasses quality service, customer and client satisfaction that is guaranteed, and unique to our brand that has become our identity. RSG uniformed drivers in-depth geographical knowledge and navigational skills ensures minimal delays and on time delivery! It’s the drivers at READY SET GO that drive our success. 


RSG  ensures your shipment safe & secure as we're a same day delivery & courier service, this means your shipment stays with a dedicated driver from start to finish.  RSG agents are uniformed, carry and wear the appropriate (PPE) personal protection equipment i.e Hi-Vis Safety Vest's, CSA  Safety Foot Wear as required, our agents also carry enhanced corporate photo ID. 


We know that with excellence in customer service comes word of mouth, every customer we serve is a valuable asset. Our goal isn’t to meet industry standards in service, it is to exceed them, we’re here to work with you and deliver the right outcome. 


Ready Set Go is proud to offer all our customers FREE, limited Insurance coverage at no extra cost for all delivery and courier shipments. Additional Insurance coverage is available as outlined in our Terms and Conditions @


Opening an online account with READY SET GO provides customers with real time tracking updates that indicate the status of your shipment, through a personalized tracking number specific to your shipment, you’ll also enjoy access to many other features like online estimates, ability to print waybills, Bill of Lading and packing slips for shipping. Track orders from collection to delivery, View invoices posted to your account.

Communication is Key


Communicate live with your driver by dialing their regional extension.


Notifications of pickup + delivery on request.


Automated notifications of pickup + delivery.

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