READY SET GO has decades of experience in the delivery & courier service, transportation industry. Our experience encompasses quality, customer and client satisfaction that is guaranteed, and unique to our brand that has become our identity.

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Ready Set Go  is proud to offer all our customers FREE, limited Insurance coverage at no extra cost for all delivery and courier shipments. Additional Insurance coverage is available as outlined in our Terms and Conditions @ http://www.readysetgodeliverycourier.ca/terms-and-conditionsReady Set Go Delivery & Courier Services is underwritten by Wawanesa Insurance.

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RSG believes in SAFETY for everyone on and off the road, our drivers in-depth geographical knowledge and navigational skills ensures no delays and 100% on time SAFE delivery! It’s the drivers at READY SET GO that drive our success. We also keep your shipment safe & secure, as we're a same day delivery & courier service this means your shipment stays with a dedicated driver from start to finish. We provide our customers with (POD) proof of delivery through online photo capture, Signature Capture for peace of mind. 

All RSG agents carry Corporate Enhanced photo ID and are required to produce it upon request.


RSG acquires only individuals who buy into the Ready Set Go philosophy of providing the best service this industry has to offer. We know that with excellence in customer service comes word of mouth, every customer we serve is a valuable asset. Our goal isn’t to meet industry standards in service, it is to exceed them. No matter what you need, we’re here to work with you and deliver the right outcome for your needs.

No Hidden Fee's

All our prices are listed on this website for transparency, we're that confident. RSG will never charge any hidden fees like the other guys, i.e. fuel surcharge, carbon surcharge or levies.


Opening an online account with READY SET GO has many rewards, it provides customers with real time geotracking updates that indicate the status of your shipment, through a personalized tracking number specific to your shipment, you’ll also enjoy access to many other features like online estimates, ability to print waybills, Bill of Lading and packing slips with bar codes for shipping. Track orders from collection to delivery, View invoices posted to your account, manage the list of addresses used when creating orders, edit contact information associated with your account and so much more not mention READY SET GO Delivery Rewards, Offers & More! Further RSG accounts receive up to 20% off regular rates. 

Payment on approved net 15-30 day accounts accepted at most financial institutions within Canada.

LPC - 24% per annum charged on all over due accounts and pro rated according to days late.

Rewards, Offer​s & More

RSG ​is the only Delivery & Courier Service to show customer appreciation by offering unprecedented rewards and offers. Keep up to date on Rewards and offers by following READY SET GO on all social media platforms or by viewing our Rewards Offers page.


READY SET GO  is simple and personal in the way we communicate with you,  our friendly dispatch is available to help facilitate your shipping needs, at  the lowest cost!


communicate live with your own driver by regional extension

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Notifications of pick up + delivery on request.

Direct Email

Automated notifications of pick up + delivery

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